What are you doing in your organisation for LGBT+ History Month?

Every organisation will celebrate LGBT+ History Month differently however we should all be doing something!

To make the month this year why not educate your team on LGBT History, issues and how to be a more inclusive organisation or team!

We have designed and developed 3 bitesize sessions focused on LGBT+ Awareness in the workplace. Our interactive training sessions are key to keeping your workplace inclusive, starting meaningful conversation and supporting your staff.

All of our sessions are created using first hand experiences and evidence based information. These sessions run for around 45 minutes to an hour and are prefect for teams of any size, delivered both virtually and face to face.

Our sessions include:

LGBT History & Pride

This session will look at a brief LGBT history with things like Stonewall Riots as well as looking at the modern-day Pride and LGBT events. Individuals throughout history have lived radical private lives outside the accepted sexual and gender norms of the time.

However, LGBTQ history is often hidden from view. Expression of same-sex love and gender non-conformity has been constrained by both repressive social attitudes and criminal persecution.

LGBT+ Inclusion

Inclusivity in the workplace is important, with changes to attitudes and legal rights in the recent years it should be easier than ever to be inclusive. This session will cover language, assumptions, legislation and how to be a good ally.

Supporting LGBT+ people in the Workplace

This session is predominantly aimed at people in managerial or supervisor positions, however this is open to everyone who is interested.

It will cover LGBT support and organisations that are able to support LGBT colleagues, why understanding LGBT issues is important as well as LGBT terms, language, gender terms, rights and responsibilities as well as giving you the knowledge you need to promote inclusion in the workplace.

We have delivered this to a number of organisations with great positive feedback.
Get your staff talking today about how to be a more inclusive organisation and lets start a discussion about how we can help you do that!

To book sessions or to find out more get in touch with us on [email protected] or call 0114 470 1201